In a time where the power of love is often at odds with the love of power, Matt Gresham has taken up arms.

With its driving bassline, forward drum mix and uplifting vocal melody, ‘Survive on Love’ delivers an anthemic and universal message: that our material wants often cloud the vision of our core needs…

“I grew up in a spiritually conscious environment and instead of looking outward to find solutions and healing, I were taught to first look within…”

Stripped back verses provide insight into Matt’s acoustic origins, however the influence of producer and co-writer, LA based James Young is apparent, the dreamy pre-chorus synths and subtle electronic production generating a newfound vibrancy and explosiveness to Gresham’s sound.

Now residing in Berlin, Matt (also fluent in German) is relishing the chance to delve into “a new chapter of creativity.” His music is his truth, and his most recent offering allows us to peer inside his refreshing world view… 

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