The four of the historic members of the Gipsy Kings and are excited to be reunited after more than twenty years, touring again and releasing a new Album. The French Courts recently deemed that Paul, Patchaï and Canut Reyes cannot use the name Gipsy Kings anymore. They reserve the right to appeal, but for now they will apply the court decision. Paul, Patchaï and Canut are part of the GIPSY - REYES FAMILY.

PATCHAÏ, PAUL, CANUT and with their brother-in-law CHICO BOUCHIKHI, will carry on proudly as their Great Grandfathers, Grandfathers and Fathers have done performing their spcial STYLE of GIPSY MUSIC with Soul, Excitement and Passion. Continuing their tour, under the name THE ORIGINAL GYPSIES, on stage will be fifteen musicians. To add further to this wonderful news they will be releasing a new single album in 2018, recorded in Miami. Last autumn they filmed a video in Little Habana with the title “La Guapa“, which has already more than one and a half million views.

Through the centuries gypsy life has been very hard-originally gypsies came from India and travelled across the globe with very little money and no education. We are very proud of our culture and it gives us much pleasure to play concerts so all our fans can enjoy the fun and experiences of the songs we perform.

Arles in the South of France is where we all live with many other gypsy families. It was the home of Vincent Van Gough and many of his finest works were painted in and around the village.

Maybe that is why Canute is always drawing and has a great passion for his second love, sketching landscapes. Patchai always with a smile is happy to be with his family when not on the road touring, Brother-in-law Chico is a U.N.E.S.CO. Peace Ambassador and was recently awarded Legion d’Honneur for his work helping the understanding of Gypsy Culture. Paul enjoys cooking and his speciality is Paella especially when all the families get together and of course their guitars come out and the Fiesta begins.

We all look forward to once again meeting our friends for our GIPSY FIESTA CONCERTS and performing all our hits BAMBOLEO, VOLARE, DJOBI DJOBA, A MI MENERA and new songs from our latest album.



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