A tribute to Shelley Lazar

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Incorrigible… Irreverent… we had hoped Indestructible - but definitely… IRREPLACEABLE.

The Beloved Ticket Queen - A woman with the rudest mouth (loved by all) and the purest heart - A heart big enough to embrace the entire music business - and beyond.

The ultimate professional – with care and principles - who managed to wrap a blanket of FUN around everyone she met.

Her kindness and generosity was simply in her soul - there every day of her life - and given with love.

A ground breaker – who came from the Bill Graham School – and followed his lead to be the biggest and the best. She also led the way for other women to follow - courageous and determined. There could be no better role model.

Shelley had an inner glow – that lit up every space with her spirit – and made every day a better day!

We’ve had the honour and privilege of working with her for decades.

A super business woman - brilliant mind - but with a gentle delivery that never failed to seal the deal. There were many phases in her life – including as a head mistress.

In fact there was nothing she couldn’t do if she put her mind to it.

Treasuring so many miles on our tour bus - filled with Shelley’s stories and laughter – never a dull moment.

We only wish she had written the book - but in all honesty many stories couldn’t be written down!

She knew everyone – and was universally adored.

Quite simply we loved her. Like everyone else – we are finding it almost impossible to believe – and coming to terms with a loss as great as this - will take a long time.

She will remain in our hearts for all time – and every day there will be something that will remind us of her. We will be grateful for that – and the many pictures and memories we will hold on to. Our hearts and thoughts are with her family and her amazing SLO Team who will continue to honour her legacy.

The saddest day – for the entire Marshall Arts Family.